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Friday, May 10, 2013

So It Begins

Yes we like to travel.  If you know us, or have us on your Facebook list, you know we like to travel.  We are addicted to travel.  We are not one of those, let's plan it kind of travellers.  We are those, let's plan, then change our plans, and then plan, and the when we get there, let's scrap all our plans, and start again, kind of people.

In our 10 years as a family, we have travelled to New Zealand 13 times, or it is 14?  Lost count really!
We have also travelled to Europe 3 times (all during winter as we are not only addicted to travel, but to snow as well).  Ok the only snow addict is probably me!  We have been to the US twice, New Caledonia, parts of Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and probably a few more places that I have forgotten to include.  We have travelled as a family of 6, we have even managed to travel as a couple minus all 4 children.  Some of our older children have also travelled independently during this time  - we have travelled a lot!  Our 8 year old is so well travelled, he travels like George Clooney in the movie, Up in the Air.

Now we are about to embark on our biggest adventure of all - we decided in a split second, to take over the lease of a house near Nelson in New Zealand for at least 6 months.  It may seem like a quick, even rash decision to many, but it has been a long time planning in my mind!  Ever since I looked down over Queenstown almost 9 years ago, I knew I wanted to live in New Zealand.  I was just waiting for a sign!  That sign came in the way of a post in a New Zealand home schooling page - someone wanting a family to take over their lease and if willing, to look after their animals.   I saw the post in the morning and we had made our final decision before night fall.

We home school, so that problem solved!  We have an online business, so can work from anywhere, and my 3 adult children are now independent.  Our son is on the Spectrum and surprisingly is so excited too, although we are only allowed to call it a long holiday, that keeps any anxiety at bay.

We will be the surrogate parents of 2 dogs, some chickens, a rooster and 3 gold fish for 6 months.  The house is a short drive from the beach and Rabbit Island.  There are views of snow capped mountains and plenty of space to run around.

We have less than 5 weeks to pack, to clean, to organise!  Follow us on our adventure, home schooling on the go, discovering new places and faces and new skills!

 Our favourite saying - the whole world is your classroom.