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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Guidebooks, Loneliness and Lonely Planet

Loneliness is Travelling without a Guidebook- Lonely Planet (by Jason) 

With a fresh new image, Lonely Planet have shown they are still the leaders of the travel guidebook industry. The Lonely Planet Guides are no longer for those travellers wanting to see the world on a dollar a day, they are now brightly filled with colour pages and although still giving budget tips, there are options and books for those with slightly higher tastes. 

We have countless copies of guidebooks littered on our shelves.  I find the planning of the trip is nearly as much fun as the trip itself, studying maps, reading about must see villages, and tips on local customs, are all part of the travel experience. 

Just some of our travel books! 

These days Lonely Planet seems to have a book for every taste, even my 8 year old son is a fanatic, owning a fair few of the new release children's "Not For Parents" series.

With an upcoming trip to Europe, my eye is firmly set on the blockbuster - Europe on a Shoestring. Weighing in at a suitcase exploding 1264 pages, this covers the entire European Continent. If you can't fit the book in your backpack, then there is no need to worry as there are options to buy PDF files of every book or even just chapters.

No matter what the country, it seems Lonely Planet has a book on it. 
New releases include ( and I hope my wife is reading this), Ireland's Best Trips and the strangely titled "British Language and Culture".  

Buy a guide and start planning your next trip away. 

Happy Travelling!  

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