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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

6 Sleeps!

6 sleeps!  Yes only 6 sleeps!  

It seems the excitement has been replaced by anxiety and an over-whelming feeling of sadness.
I think sometimes the thought of something is much better than the reality.  

My reality is leaving behind my gorgeous girls.  I will miss their smiles, their laughter and their company.  I will also miss watching them spend time with their little brother.  I love to watch the love between my children.  They are incredibly close and their bond is beautiful. 

Hadley told me he is going to miss everyone, and that makes me feel sad.  I know he will miss playing with his three beautiful cousins and his two sisters.  He will of course, miss his beloved cat Felix.  Felix has been sleeping in our suitcases and when I close them he sleeps on top.  He has abandoned my soft bed for a hard suitcase.  

It is a strange feeling to be looking forward to a new adventure but at the same time feeling pangs of sadness.  

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