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Monday, June 17, 2013

One week on............

What a busy first week!

Cleaning our rental property to a liveable state, shopping for the little things that you forget you will need and generally trying to feel "at home".

Hadley is crying out for company though.  He has his friends at home, his cousins, his sisters, and his best friend Jack, as well as his best feline friend Felix.  He said today, I need to meet some kids!  It is actually quite exciting as a mother of a child on the spectrum, to hear those words!  But don't worry we are sorted!  We have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday covered for next week!

We have joined the library, the video shop and bought a car!

And we think our little home is starting to look just perfect!

School work may have been put to one side for one week, but Hadley has learnt to feed the chickens and fish.  He has written his Felix a postcard and has taken out 18 books from the library, all are non-fiction.  He has been reading about New Zealand birds, and Wetas, and Dolphins and Whales.

He has helped me design some new products I am working on for an upcoming craft market and he has done some fun New Zealand puzzles and word finds.  He has learnt about Hops and visited New Zealand's oldest pub and New Zealand's smallest pub.  He has picked fruit from the trees and we have started to plan our veggie garden.

All in all, not a bad week of schooling really!

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