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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Home for the Gypsies!

Well we are back home after another 7 nights in one of our favourite camping grounds Killarney View.
Lovely fresh air, afternoon breezes and sunsets to die for!

After almost 4 months straight being with my son and husband 24/7 I am in need of a break and a little re-charge!  Hubby is busy working for the rest of the week and I sent my son off to the movies with his big sister!  I know it was only a few hours, but it was nice.  I think a visit to Nanna is in order this afternoon.

Hadley sent to see Percy Jackson.  He tells me it is the BEST movie he has ever seen - high recommendation indeed.  I have never heard of Percy Jackson but have been told there are books!
Yes books!  I feel Hadley does really need a break from reading adult non-fiction books so look forward to introducing him to something new.

We purchase lots of our books from the Book Depository.  Cheap, fast and free post!  Not sure which ones to start on, but found a pack of 3 so might start there.

Book Depository - Percy Jackson

I hope you are surviving the school holidays!  We are going to catch up on Maths and English next week before heading off to Rainbow Beach for a bit more camping!

You cannot keep a good gypsy still for too long!

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