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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Europe is Calling!

We have been home some 4 months, since our New Zealand stint and we are itching to go again.  We have done some camping in this time, but no major trips, and we have itchy feet!

A few years ago we managed to spend our summer in Europe, in the lovely cold, for 3 years in a row. Business was thriving then, it was easy to do.  We did not really budget, just went and enjoyed ourselves.  Not to excess, but with little financial concerns.

Things are different now, small retail businesses in Australia are not doing too well and things are tight. We are not complaining, we still feed our children and have a house, a car and still go camping, but our budget leaves very little room for an overseas trip.  That would stop most people, but not us.  I remember hearing Rick Steves say once, if you have to drive a bomb of a car, if you have to do without every other thing in your life, still travel!

Why?  Because there is no better experience in the world.  There is no better way to appreciate what you have, to understand other people and to really learn.  The world is a wondrous, amazing place, waiting to be explored.  Unfortunately once have you been bitten by the bug, it is hard to shake.

We homeschool our son, so I cannot think of a single better way to educate him.  We are not talking about history and geography education, we are talking about real learning.  Learning about people, what makes them tick, what rituals and cultures drive them, what the world is really about.  Travel awakes the soul and broadens the mind.  It might sound cliche, but it does.

This is how Rick says it, and I so wholeheartedly agree.

Follow us as we show you how we shrimped and saved to get to Europe and how we will manage a small tight budget while travelling around the UK and Europe for 60 days!

It won't be easy, but it will be fun!  It will be worth all the sacrifices and cans of baked beans on toast!

In the process, we will be de-cluttering our house and our lives!  A bonus we think!

Stay tuned!


  1. OOOh I will definitely be watching with interest.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, now I have found your wonderful blog! I hope it is not too long before we are back living in wonderful NZ again!